Change JioFi Password and SSID

How to change the JioFi WiFi password?

Each JioFi device comes with a default password, which is a combination of letters and numbers. Usually, this password is complex and difficult to remember by the user, so most of us want to put in a password that we remember easily. The JioFi WiFi password is easy to change, you just have to follow a few simple steps.

To change the password of your JioFi Wi-Fi network, you must follow the steps below:

1. The first thing you need to do is turn on your Jiofi device.
2. Now you need to connect to your Jiofi device via the WiFi network, the original password can be found on the Jiofi label on the device.
3. Once connected, open your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome).
4. In the browser address bar, type http: //jiofi.local.html or click here jiofi.local.html.
5. You should have a Jiofi setup web page open, now you must enter your password and username.
The default username and password are Administrator / Administrator.
6. Select the Settings menu, then WiFi.

Change JioFi Password

7. In the Security Key field, enter the new security password.
8. Press the save button to save your changes.
9. You will be prompted to restart the device, press ok and your JioFi device will restart

That is all. You can now connect to your Jiofi device using your new password.

This tutorial is to teach you how to change your Jio WiFi password