Paramètres Jio Apn - Comment configurer les paramètres Jio Apn ?

Paramètres d'apn JioParamètres Jio Apn - Comment configurer les paramètres Jio Apn ?

Are you having problems using your Jio SIM to access the internet? You may have been offered a high-speed internet, but you are unable to obtain it due to incorrect internet settings. You will be unable to access the high-speed internet that you have paid for if your mobile internet settings are configured incorrectly or if there is a little error in the values.

To access the internet, you must have proper APN Settings, and if you are unable to access the internet or have sluggish internet speeds on your mobile device, there must be an issue with the APN Settings. The APN Settings are usually provided automatically by the provider, but if you don’t receive them or if they are incorrect, you can contact customer service and they will provide you with the correct APN Settings based on your data plan and kind of connectivity.

How do I configure my Jio APN settings?

Follow these instructions to configure your Jio SIM’s APN Network settings. Make sure you don’t skip any steps by carefully following each one:

Navigate to the Mobile Network section of your mobile phone’s Settings.

Select LTE/GSM/WCDMA or LTE alone from the drop-down menu.

Now select Jio 4G as your APN (Access Point Name).

Now, edit the Jio 4G APN and fill in the fields as follows:

jionet; APN

Not set as a proxy

Not set; port

Not set as a username

Not set as a password

To improve browsing speed, use instead of not set.

MMSC; not set

Type of authentication; not specified

MMS Proxy; not configured

To increase the speed, choose the APN protocol; IPv6 or IPv4/IPV6.

Make sure you don’t interfere with the MCC and MNC settings, as these are specific to your location.

These are the Jio APN settings you’ll need to become connected to high-speed internet. These settings are specific to Jio SIMs and have a significant influence on your device’s ability to connect to the internet. Each carrier/network has its own set of options, which are only applicable to the Jio network. Jio is the only carrier providing LTE/VoLTE (voice over LTE) coverage across the country, and with the right APN settings, you can get high-speed internet from anywhere in the country.