Jiofi.local.Html – How To Login & Manage Your JioFi Device

Today in this post we will explain everything about JioFi.Local.Html. I will explain how you can configure your JioFi device by accessing JioFi.Local.Html or http://jiofi.local.html (www jiofi local html). To access the JioFi device settings, you must use this text address, it serves as the IP address. Below is the article I will write you the username and password for jiofi local html login. Once you access the JioFi router via jiofi.local.html, you will be able to change your default username and password.

How to open JioFi.Local.Html?

Now I will write to you some simple steps to follow:

1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, or other).

2. In the browser address bar, enter the address: http://jiofi.local.html/

 Jiofi.local.html Login

3. Press the Enter key on the keyboard. In front of you is the JioFi router login page.


You now need to enter your username and password.

4. Enter “administrator” in the username field and then the password. By default, the username and password are “administrator“.

5. Press the Enter button. That is all. You can now make any settings on your JioFi device.

Be sure to change the default login. Once you have logged in to the device, go to Settings. Select User Management and enter a new username and password.

How To Change SSID and Password Jiofi Wifi

Reopen your browser and type in the jiofi.local.html box and press Enter to configure your JioFi device.
Select the Setup option. Then select the WiFi settings option on the left.
In the SSID field, enter the new network name.
In the Security Key box, type the new password for your network.
Click the Apply button.

How To Change or Reset Jiofi Wifi Hotspot Username & Password (SSID) 

This tutorial is to teach you how to log into a Jio WiFi router with Jiofi.local Html, how to change your login password, WiFi password, and your SSID.